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"You really can get all your needs met under one roof, and save thousands of dollars doing it. Your dream is worth it!"


What is in the works for 2014
Lots of things are in the works. A new book for publishing has begun, First production of the first indie film; Confessions of a teenage serial killer, The CEO has been asked to voluntarily sit on the Board of Directors for Non-profit Organization, New Beginnings, The Reusable Store in Woodland Park, Colorado. She will sit in as interim Vice President, and Treasurer, Web, Marketing, and IT specialist, and DP1C hopes to continue pro bono services as we always have.

We are bringing a power house suite of services under one corporation for small businesses.
Droolboy Productions started in 1996 as a small production company along with it's sister company, Wild Wire Studios. They were both under Carmeled Pepper Records until 2001. Droolboy took off on its own as strictly a web and graphic company. We can't complain after opening back up in 2008 we have had great things come our way. However times have changed and our services have grown. We now are a full suite of services for Entrepreneurs that strictly caters to all business start up needs, from financial services, to administrative services, to creative services, and to media/ PR services that will help your company bloom. All services under one room at discount rates.


About the CEO

Who is DP1C
DP1C is part of The Safety Net Corporation, LLC. DP1C handles the creative suites of services for Entrepreneurial/ Start Up companies. We are a full salon web, marketing, music, television and video production company within The Safety Net Corporation, LLC.

Don't settle for templates, don't settle for people who are selling you out of the box sites, logos and candy coated dreams. We have over 20 years in the business as creative directors. We create all things for cool people, and well... we think all people are pretty cool! " I, personally have spent over 20 years providing my art to those in need; it is what I enjoy most". Droolboy Productions will continue to stay around...24 years and going strong. We recently added 2 divisions completely different: Blind Moon Private Investigations, and Results Group Mediation Services all operating under The Safety Net Corporation, LLC. TSN is offering businesses a full set of services at discount rates. Our services offered by DP1C come under our Entrepreneurial package, but you can customize to your specific needs. If you need legal services for your business troubles to take the place of litigation, try the Results Group Mediation Services also under The Safety Net Corporation, LLC. If you are in need of investigative services we offer small businesses employment back ground checks, partnership back ground checks, and research with Blind Moon Private Investigations.

Our Mission

With our first venture in 1996 we launched the first ever real working online record label, Carmeled Pepper Records. Soon after many indie businesses got word of our services, and BOOM we began to grow. I was still running things by myself. Today I still do, but will contract hire out instead of employees until we gain a stronger foot hold. Droolboy Productions was just a simple multimedia company that was forged into a super power of resources for any type small business. Today we are much bigger, and better. We have 3 structured companies under one main : The Safety Net Corporation, LLC.


It was discerning to us that so many small businesses were not able to afford high quality advertising that was easy on their budgets. Let's face it; we all start out as a small entity. Some of us grow larger, some of us like staying were we are at, but that doesn't mean you have to go without high class marketing and advertising with regards to branding and design.


Not only do we offer a wonderful multimedia package, we offer Legal Services within the scope of range, and Private Investigation services that will allow you the ease of hiring, or partner-shipping with those who are solid.


Don't let another day pass you by. Because we are so committed to our clients, we only take on 3-4 clients annually. We want you to continue to have our outstanding one-on-one customer service.


Join us today, and start reaping your benefits and rewards as a small business that will gain the support it finally needs to succeed. The word Corporation also means:

cor·po·ra·tion:  [kawr-puh-rey-shuh

any group of persons united or regarded as united in one body.

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